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Written by Gary Morris

Marketing Consultant Copywriter | Business Investor Helping business owners scale or sell

November 16, 2021

Over the years, I’ve taken dozens of business mentoring courses. Most have been a letdown. I’ve revisited my own failures with taking courses. I categorize them in either (A) not a necessary course needed right now or (B) they just aren’t worth money. Outside of that, if I now make a decision to buy a course or mentoring it has to be in an area I obviously need help in and, this is important, I can implement what I learn immediately. 

Being an Alumni now from Chris Do’s The Futur business program, I can honestly say it stands alone as the most mentally impacting course I’ve ever taken. 

Chris, Ben, and Matthew just clicked. It was so engaging and Chris just kept going after our mental game when it comes to running a business. It’s a privilege to be listed as an Alumni. 

The story about this photo…

“That time during The Futur’s Business Bootcamp I passed Chris Do’s hot seat 🔥 only to admit I didn’t have the courage to do the same thing in front of prospective clients. Getting Ben Burns and Matthew Encina and Chris to laugh was the true victory.

Why couldn’t I talk confidently in person? I had a hard time valuing my own worth despite evidence to the contrary. I didn’t believe I could bring transformative value to the businesses I worked with. No matter what I did it was never enough. Some businesses saw 20% growth and others much more but still, I felt I was their employee. Just another expense on the bottom line.

I’d take anyone I could get. I’d keep on clients who didn’t value or implement the things they hired me to do. I was frustrated. But in reality, I needed them for self-validation. That was unfair to them. Through Chris’s exercises in E+R=Outcome, I started rewiring my own value which has inevitably freed me from needing validation to needing to add value. If you have those same mental self-defeating thoughts…I seriously encourage you to find a coach or jump in with Chris and fam at The Futur. (This is a totally unsolicited endorsement on one of the best coaches in the game) “


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