The Best SEO Podcast And YouTube Resource Guide [2017]

marketing podcast on iphone

Written by Gary Morris

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August 15, 2016

The Best SEO Podcast And YouTube Resource Guide [2017]

by | August 15, 2016

With the value of audio and video in high demand, finding the right shows can be difficult. You can waste a lot of time sifting through mediocre programs. So we wanted to cut through the noise and get to the best podcast and youtube channels in online marketing and SEO. (This is evergreen content so check back from time to time for additions).

marketing podcast on iphone

So you’ve asked about a dozen different people and gotten a dozen different results for SEO podcast and youtube marketing resources. You’re putting it all together and still confused on what are the best resources. We want to provide a powerhouse list of some of the best resources on the internet.

Since education is now in abundance, learning is no longer the issue. The application of what we learn is what separates wannabes from actual businesses. But with that said, you can go through a lot of bad marketing programs before you find the good ones to apply. So we want to help you kick start your marketing career for free!

We wanted to assemble the best resources, some new and old – giving you a broad array of options. Listen to these podcasts and watch the videos. But make a plan to apply something from each episode the same day you listen.

We have a key that will help you get the most out of these resources. So here are some of the images you will see along with these post with an explanation of what they do.

The best white hat seo podcast and youtube video

White Hat

Grey Hat Marketing Podcast and Youtube

Grey Hat

Black Hat SEO Marketing

Black Hat


So we are going to separate this into two main categories. We plan on adding an additional post in the future covering the best blogs. The first category in this post will be the best SEO and marketing Podcast. The second is the best YouTube Channels. These will be broken up in subcategories for white hat, grey hat and black hat programs. So here goes….

Best Marketing Podcast

White Hat SEO Podcast

Podcast White Hat

1. Marketing School W/ Neil Patel & Eric Siu

  Podcast White Hat

If you are in the online marketing business and don’t know Neil Patel, you have been sleeping under a planet in some other galaxy. From Crazy Egg to Quick Sprout, Neil has been helping marketing consultants catapult onto the scene. With step by step guides, Neil’s easy teaching style is a huge help and now with his new podcast, be prepared to learn a lot.

2. The #ASKGARYVEE Video Podcast

GaryV Show   Podcast White Hat

Gary Vanerchuck really cannot be corralled in the white hat SEO area. Or any hat for that matter. The dude is killing it in so many areas. He is one of my favorite inspiring marketers. I cannot say enough about this dude’s hustle. From youtube to his books to these video podcast, he kills it all the time. If you just need a kick in the butt to get your head out of the sand, jump on this beastly resource.

3. Darren Rowse, Become A Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger Podcast   Podcast White Hat

Darren Rowse was one of the first “blogger” podcast I had listened to when I started loving online marketing. His work at Digital Photography School was really helpful. As I fell in love with the photography on the site, I also became fascinated without he was producing so much content. This podcast helps us understand the how.

4. SEJ Marketing Nerds

Search Engine Journal    Podcast White Hat

Search Engine Journal is obviously one of the heavy hitters in our market. I love the content and updates they continue to push from their site and podcast. Now I have to admit I spend 99% of my time reading SEJ content over their podcast. It’s not that I don’t like the podcast, it’s just the content is so invaluable, it’s a better use of my time for now. But if you have the time and want another channel for SEJ content, jump in here.

5. Smart Passive Income W/Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn SPI   Podcast White Hat   Marketing Best

Pat Flynn is a beast when it comes to content and killer application points in his show. He is a master in his niche. His podcast was one of  the top three that motivated me back in 2014 to start Grafted-In as an online marketing and software company. My original thought was that Grafted-In would primarily be web design. But several shows influenced me to rethink that. My favorite two podcast are episode 46 and more recently episode 214 with Neil Patel.

6. EO Fire W/John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas Podcast   Podcast White Hat  Marketing Best

EO Fire is great not just for the motivation (which it does well) but for the great guest in online marketing. John Lee Dumas has some of the best leaders in our field. I don’t listen to every podcast but I check this show almost daily to see what topic John is covering. A lot of these guest I’ve never heard of, so once I see the topic, it amazes me on the quality of these guest in those niches. From Live Feed video tips to Linked-In Profile Updates. He covers it all.

7. Authority Hacker Podcast

Authority Hacker Media   Podcast White Hat  Marketing Best

Authority Hacker Podcast is a new favorite of mine. With recent topics, they honestly cover a LOT of material, interviews, and resources. It is one of the podcasts that you will get actionable steps each episode. One’s you can directly put into action when the show is over. I really appreciate the work they are doing and feel great adding this to the new Top Rank suggestions.

Grey Hat SEO Podcast

SEO Youtube Grey Hat

1. Dino Gomez – 6 Figure SEO Podcast

SEO Podcast  SEO Youtube Grey Hat  Marketing Best

If you go to Dino’s 6 Figure Podcast you will notice there is not a lot of content. So how does this end up on our list of “Top Rank”? Well first and foremost the content is awesome! Second is that I give Dino huge credit for giving me that last nudge I needed to jump into SEO. Dino puts out great stuff and is really a down to earth guy. Blending the best of white hat link building and grey hat SEO tactics.

2. The Lion Zeal Show

The Lion Zeal Show   SEO Youtube Grey Hat  Marketing Best

Daryl Rosser is one of those young guys who just has it together. He picks great interviews. Knows the right questions to ask and to top all of that off he packs in great content on his website. I appreciate what he is doing and hope to see more interviews from him in the future. A must listen to podcast.

3. Click Funnel Radio

Click Funnels Podcast  Podcast White Hat

If you are looking for advice on CRO & CTR optimization, Click Funnels Radio is the place to be. Couple this with some great resources out there and you’ll be on your way to converting high-level traffic in no time. It’s funny, once you begin to think about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and CTR (Click Through Rate Optimization) everything becomes an object of scrutiny. I was walking through a local grocery store this weekend looking at the products competing for my attention and wondered, “did they do any CRO on this packaging”? It’s an addicting subject. BONUS: Check out this recent CRO post from Kurt Phillip on Matt Diggity’s blog. 

4. Grey Hat Mentions

Spencer Haws   DotCom Secrets   The Empire Podcast

These are some podcast that are either new or new to me. Looking forward to listening to them and seeing the value they provide. Let me know if you have any additional.

Black Hat SEO Podcast

SEO Black hat

1. Do You Have Any Suggestions? 

SEO Black hat

I honestly don’t know of a straight black hat SEO show. But I’d love to promote one if you have any to recommend. Black Hat SEO although may not be my forte, I still listen to and read the material not because I have to use it. But because I want to identify the techniques my competition or our client’s competition is using to rank for competitive search terms.

Best Marketing YouTube Channels

White Hat

SEO Youtube Shows   Podcast White Hat

1. Ryan Stewart – Webris 

Podcast White Hat   Marketing Best
Ryan Stewart - Webris Youtube
Ryan Stewart blasted on the scene about a year ago and has been providing incredible, no holding back pure SEO value. Most online marketing channels help you manage clients. Ryan helps you manage an agency. You may not be ready to implement this and can quickly find yourself drowning in information. It’s extremely applicable information. But if you are moving into agency level management, Webris would be a good place to get your feet wet.

2. Ahrefs

Podcast White Hat
Ahrefs Software
Ahrefs is one of those tools that end up in your SEO toolbox, one way or another. They are really good with backlink analysis. With one of the largest databases of indexed pages, it packs a lot of info. Their youtube channel covers more than just backlinks. It’s worth dropping buy and seeing what they posted this week.

3. Moz

Podcast White Hat

Moz to me is like baby google. They are a great example of branding. Rand Fishkin and the team at Moz have provided some good google pointers to brand building and SEO tactics. If you’ve watched googles videos (which are not exciting at all), this is your next best choice. You can use Moz style techniques if your clients have high marketing caps in the $5,000-$10,000 per month range.

4. Search Engine Journal

Podcast White Hat
SEJ Youtube
Like I mentioned above, SEJ is a heavy hitter in terms of gathered resources under one domain. If you want to learn more about news regarding SEO, SEJ is your place. They are quick and accurate with what’s going on in the online marketing fields. I have not spent a lot of time on the youtube channel but I do watch for new blog post constantly.

5. Backlinko W/ Brian Dean 

Podcast White Hat   Marketing Best
Brian Dean Backlinko Youtube
Brian Dean is fantastic. The skyscraper method instantly moved some of our sites from lower rankings to page 1 within hours. He provides value on top of value. So all I can say is read the dude. He’s great.

6. SEMRush 

Podcast White Hat
SEM Rush
SEMRush is probably the most used SEO tool in the industry. It simply is needed to do our job’s effectively. I know a lot of debate exist in the SEO world on that claim but I could not function in client SEO without a tool like SEMrush. It is critical. The youtube channel is not stagnant. It’s a growing library of resources and techniques for ranking your website.

7. Frank Kern

Podcast White Hat
Frank Kern Youtube
Frank Kern focuses on direct response marketing. He focuses on converting readers to paying clients. So if your diving into the CRO this is one of the resources you’re going to need. He covers a ton of subjects and speaks all over the place. So plug in your headphones and learn.

8. Hernan Vazquez

Podcast White Hat   Marketing Best
Hernan Vaz Youtube

Hernan Vazquez is one of my go-to guys on building a personal brand. He has been pushing others to do the same. And I give the guy a ton of credit. He said he was going to build his personal brand and many of us watched as he did it. Starting with video views in the teens to now at least the hundreds and soon, if not already, in the thousands. Great inspiration.

Grey Hat SEO YouTube

SEO Youtube Grey Hat

1. Brendan Mace

SEO Youtube Grey Hat   Marketing Best
Brendan Mace Youtube
Brendan Mace covers a lot of different online marketing techniques. He has some great gold nuggets in here. His keyword research videos for longtail keyword mining was and still is great. If you are new to online marketing and want some resources to start learning with, Brendan is a great place to start and keeping coming back too.

2. Chris Record

SEO Youtube Grey Hat
Chris Record Youtube
Chris Record is out of control! Seriously! This dude eats and breaths marketing. From his snapchat to his live FB video’s, he is hustling 24 hours a day. I don’t know when this guy sleeps! Regardless, read Chris Record! Listen to Chris Record! And in many ways, reverse engineer what Chris is doing for branding.

3. Dynamik 365

SEO Youtube Grey Hat  Marketing Best
Dino Gomez SEO Youtube
Dino Gomez, the dude kills it. I said this before but he is like a pair of jumper cables to a dead car. If your reading SEO stuff and your brain hurt’s, you need to take action. Stop reading and start doing. Dino will give you some great action steps starting today.

4. Semantic Mastery

SEO Youtube Grey Hat
Semantric Mastery YouTube

Semantic Master is a group of guys who have made some cool software and automated integration software. They are fun to listen to on their youtube channel and just down to earth guys. If you’d like to just hang with some dudes, glean some wisdom and ask honest questions, you have to check out their google hangout videos.

5. SEO Cheat Guides

SEO Youtube Grey Hat
SEO Cheat Guide YouTube

SEO Cheat Guides. It sounds black hat and to be honest, Stewarts channel is so far pure white hat. I only put them here because of the name mostly ;). But Stewart is a nuclear bomb for value-packed SEO guides. These are step by step PDF’s you can print out, hand to your VA or staff members and let them get to work step by step by step. And did I mention they are FREE!!! Watch the youtube channels but also you have to check out the resources. GOLD!

Black Hat SEO YouTube

SEO Black hat

1. SourceWave

SEO Black hat
Source Wave Youtube
Source Wave is kind of the place everyone starts. Mainly because the founder, Alex Becker is everywhere. He has massive marketing campaigns and chances are you already know who he is. Source Wave is pretty much all black hat. If you want to see how your competition is doing what they do and why they are outranking you, listen in. It’s worth it.

2. Charles Floate

SEO Black hat
Charles Float
Charles Floate is another young guy pushing out content week after week. And although he would probably identify with purely black hat SEO techniques, you can tell he is going grey. Which means his content is become more diverse and applicable to a bunch of people. Despite the occasional rant, he put’s out’s very actionable resources. I like the kid!

3. Mike Long

SEO Black hat
Mike Long MG
Mike Long and crew are one of the first mastermind groups in SEO several years ago. At $5K a pop, it’s not easy to join. But they still put out content on their youtube channel often. They often discuss things in generalties and you feel like your in a constant sales funnels, you will find a lot of value here from time to time.

4. The SEO Show

SEO Black hat
The SEO Show YouTube

The SEO Show is somewhat new to me. It is explicit. But never-the-less, they have good interviews and behind the scene nuggets that can help newbies and oldies.

*Coming soon, best SEO SnapChat folks to follow, best blogs, and a bunch of other stuff. So I hope this is a good kick off of things to come.

Gary Morris

Gary Morris

Gary Morris has a passion to help small businesses succeed. Consulting, writing and video how-to’s take up most of his time outside of client management. Providing businesses with the resources they need to get found online and drive targeted traffic.



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