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Our Values

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the fuel that powers healthy relationships. An attitude of gratitude fundamentally changes the lens through which one views the world and experiences from a focus of self-service to one of authentic appreciation and abundance. At Grafted-In, we should regularly take the time to show our colleagues, peers, collaborators, and clients that we’re thankful for their work, business and impact on our lives.

Be A Leader

Leaders are influential, authoritative and thought leaders. When you are a leader, you continue to better the environment around you by teaching and guiding others to succeed. At Grafted-In, we encourage each one of our team members to be a leader in their passion. In the journey of becoming a leader, you will be; sought after for solutions, will become an active listener and will continue to build the next generation of leaders by educating and expanding your network.

Do The Right Thing. Always.

In business, as in every other arena, moral and professional behavior does not just happen. It has to be cultivated and repeatedly affirmed throughout the organization. At Grafted-In, acting with integrity is paramount– and it applies to every aspect of our company. Maintaining the highest standards of integrity involves faithfully meeting our commitments to all our constituents – clients, team members, vendors, and to ourselves.


Positivity always wins, leads to productivity and creates resilience. At Grafted-In, we work to be “positive knowers”, creating an attitude of informed optimism. This gives us the ability to tackle problems head-on without dwelling on them. Rather than getting lost in the negativity, fear, and doubt surrounding the issue, we emphasize focusing on the true cause and devote energy to solving the problem.


Humility opens your mind to new ideas, pushes you to recognize your abilities and limits, leads you to accept and elevate your teammates, and drives you to continually improve. At Grafted-In, we are humble, constantly seeing true humility that will give us the hunger to learn. We value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere and seek to provide honest feedback.


Passion means we use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others. At Grafted-In, passion is at the heart of our company as we continuously move forward, innovating, and improving.


Gary Morris

President | Partner

Digital marketing and business consultant with over 18 years of marketing experience. Worked with national, local, and Fortune 500 companies.

Ryan Battishill

Executive Director | Partner

Creative mind, brand and marketing strategist with over 12 years of marketing experience. Passionate about growing businesses and solving problems.

Grafted-In LLC

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